Dental Bridges Vs Implants

Dental bridges and dental implants are used to give your teeth a better look. Both of them do almost the same function. This article will point out some of the benefits and draw backs each of these have.


Dental Bridges


Dental bridges are used to close gaps between the teeth. If there are gaps in your teeth, it can be replaced with dental bridges. This is usually done with gold or a bridge made up of porcelain. Sometimes, an alloy or even a combination of these entire can be used. This in fact is a kind of artificial tooth. This will fixed to the nearby teeth. This is comparatively a very easy process both for the doctor and for the patient. It will be done within two visits. There are different types of dental bridges. The doctor will select the right type based on the location of the missing tooth.


Advantages of the dental bridges


There are a lot of advantages for the dental bridges. The first one is that the modern technology makes it possible to complete it very easily. Click this over here now to learn more about dental bridges at dentist Parraatta. You only need to visit the doctor two times, it will be fixed. Another advantage is that it will have a very natural appearance. Another advantage is that it will help to maintain the oral health. It will prevent the gum decay. The only thing you need to do is to keep oral hygiene. It will also help to keep the other teeth shifting to the empty space. Since the gap is closed, you can bite properly. Also there won’t be a problem with the pronunciation if you close the gap. It is very less costly also.


Dental implants


Dental implants are fixed in the jaw bone either in the top or bottom of the mouth. They have three parts. The first part is the implant which is fixed to the bone. Then abutment is fixed to the implant. The third part is the crown which can be fixed into the implant. Before this, the area should be healed properly. It will take many months. The crown will be fixed once it is healed completely.


Advantages of dental implants


The main advantage of the dental implants is the long duration it has. It will stay there for a very long time. Since it is fixed to the bone, no other changes can affect this. It will not fall down since it is firmly attached to the bone. A person with dental implants can even participate in sports events without any fear. The implants are mostly made up of titanium. This will fit with our body properly. this is a great advantage. Visit to learn more the techniques of placing the imlants.


Comparison between dental implants and dental bridges


In certain situations, dental bridges are better than dental implants. But in many other cases dental implants are certainly better than the dental bridges. The dental bridges’ major advantage is that it is easy to insert. The advanced technology makes it easier to insert. It will also take vey less time compared to dental implants. The dental implants may take three months to nine months or more to be inserted properly depending on the healing time. Get the most out of the latest dental techniques when you get any of the various dental procedures at Parramatta dentist. Locate Dr Potres to learn more or visit our website at -


On the other hand, dental bridges can be inserted within two or three visits to the doctor. In the case of endurance, dental implants are certainly better than dental bridges. Since the dental implants are fitted to the bones, it won’t fall down or displaced. In the long run, dental implants are better. But if you want to go for short term convenience, you can go for dental bridges.